• Image of  Koiran Näköinen Nainen ‎– Kesämuistoja 7'' EP (Blast Of Silence, Finland)

Economical power pop/punk side-project of Joni Ekman, vocalist/drummer/guitarist of The Achtungs (Total Punk, Going Underground). Just barely held-together melodies, catchy enough to have singing along, clueless. One take and done x 6. Pop gems churned out w/o Joni breaking a sweat. A far cry from the assault unleashed by The Achtungs, but preferable to me.

"Melodic lo-fi punk rock in it´s purest form. The Second offering from Koiran Näköinen Nainen.


A1 Tänään
A2 Vihreä Huppari
A3 Kari Peitsamo

B1 Kesämuistoja
B2 22 & Down
B3 En Voi Mennä Rannalle Enää"