• Image of Blood Robots - Blood Robots LP (Thought Crime Records, Germany)

Mastering By Daniel Hajji Husayn for vinyl at The North London Bomb Factory. Comes with 12 page booklet about the band called “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?”

"The Newcastle band Blood Robots started out early 1982 with Hec on Drums, Sned on on guitar / vocals and a number of different bass players coming and going, around the end of that year Mickey joined the band (through an add in ‘listen Ear’ record shop) on guitar and vocals and brought along his mate Andy on bass, things picked up, this was the line up throughout, (with the addition of Dick Edible on vocals late ‘83)- we split up in Sept 84. We were involved in Gateshead Music Collective and we practised and played often at the infamous ‘Station’ venue (1982- 1985 r.i.p.) with the likes of ALTERNATIVE, SUBHUMANS, CHUMBAWAMBA, PSYCHO FACTION (!) etc etc.. as well as being involved in the Gateshead Squat Gig April 84 with our brothers REALITY CONTROL and other comrades, we played at the first Leeds Squat Gig sept 83, this inspired us on. (There were a wave of squat gigs around the country in some unlikely places as people took the example of the CRASS and the Zig Zag squat gig in London and acted locally). In our 2 years existence, we played as far north as Dunfermline (Glen Pavilion festival) and as far south as scab country Nottingham (our last gig) mostly though we playedin and around Tyneside, carrying guitars / amps and drum stuff on the bus! In July 83 we recorded the ‘you fuel the fire demo’ which we copied and sold ourselves, in March 84 we recorded for the ‘Within these Walls’ flexi (a self released split with REALITY CONTROL) and a few other songs for compilations. This took place at Spectro Arts Centre (assisted by Michael B) Spectre is also where the band first met up as well as playing our first gig there - it’s been long since demolished! Sned and Micky went on to set up Flat Earth Records, a DIY HC/Punk label - which Sned took on full time and is still active today. The 2 of us played together in GENERIC in the later 80’s and ONE BY ONE in the early 90’s, as well as in numerous other bands, the music generally getting more and more ferocious as time marches on (!) Micky now plays in JINN, Sned plays in BOXED IN. Hec is living in Eire still doing inspired crazy artwork (like the poster included with ‘Within These Walls’ flexi). Andy crossed over to the dark side and became a policeman - fuck him. Sned 22/03/2004"

"Here´s most of their recorded work combined on a record that has more than 40 minutes of superb and pretty unique Punk, that has been influenced by Swell Maps, The Fall and of course Crass."

A1 Pawns
A2 The Valley
A3 Poppies
A4 Poetry Competition
A5 Where's The Blood?
A6 Mercenary
A7 The First Lesson
A8 Who's Taboo?
B1 Loaded Guns
B2 Dust
B3 Black
B4 Here In My Box
B5 Untitled
B6 Fuck The System

Below is a playlist of some songs on the album, although these ARE NOT the remastered versions:

Remastered version of "The Valley"

Blood Robots s/t LP by Blood Robots