• Image of Fate Vs Free Willy - Every Human Was A Child 7'' EP (If Society, Finland)

"Fate Vs Free Willy are a noise/punk outfit from Finland that combine noise elements into a very punk way of making music. Fate Vs Free Willy are releasing their debut 7″ EP titled Every Human Was A Child in July or August, exact date to be confirmed, on behalf of growing indie label If Society Records.

The band themselves seem to have fit themselves into this niche of sounds, the aggressive mix of punk and fizzy noise, all held together with ritualistic drums and sounds. The overall sound makes me think that I should be joining a cult or sect of some description. It’s all very infectious.

What I’ve noticed with this record is, is that it is one that you have to have up really fucking loud to appreciate; the sounds and noises that are being produced are thick and overwhelming to the ears. However, it’s this loud and proud nature that leads me to think/know that these guys would be incredible in a live situation, with crowd interaction galore.

In terms of what the songs bring to the table, Hearts, has the most graphic of drum beats that get the heart and instincts pumping. There are also these little flurries of guitar bends that are just, so vicious.

This very general sound of noise and catchy, if indistinguishable vocals, are constant throughout the EP. Swallow is the best example of this: you’re given a riff, beat and the simplest of vocals just to bash your head along to and enjoy."